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Bossasaurus' debut EP, Lacerta was released in it's entirety on December 15th, 2010.

Light Pollution Music Video:

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released December 15, 2010

All tracks produced by Bossasaurus (Egon Brainparts, Negatron Johnson and Captain Choice)
Album features Robin Gazzara
Mastered by Egon Brainparts
Album Art Design by Steve Cossentino



all rights reserved


Bossasaurus Oakland, California

Bossasaurus is the electronic music production outlet for Oakland, CA's Egon Brainparts (a prime clinical example of ADHD). Egon was another caucasian charmed by hip-hop's golden era in the early 90's into thinking he could rap. When reality struck he started making beats. Time passed, hiphop as genre became limiting to him and he branched out into producing and performing whatever sounded ill ... more

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Track Name: Light Pollution
When's the last time you seen a star shine so bright
Track Name: Special Deal 4 U
I've got a special deal for you/If you wanna peep it holler at me/ I've got a special deal for you if you want to peep it hollerrrrr (yeah, deep stuff)
Track Name: Wasting Time
If you can't hear what I'm saying, open your ears and stop spacing. These are the years made for facing all of the time you've been wasting
Track Name: Dark Days, White Lies
Dark Days White Lies
verse 1:
I just think about a nightmare I had last night/ I just think about a dream/
I was flying high and wild up in the burning sky/ but suddenly they changed that scene/
there were people going through the motions, but nobody seemed to care/
miles of fields sowed by the broken/ hopelessness choking the air

It won't get easier when you open up your eyes/
prepare for one more round of dark days, white lies
dark days, white lies (three times)

verse 2:
I try not to stress the non-sense. I try not to stress the scene/
but this ferris wheel of making deals and kissing ass is nauseating me/
each day dreams die, friends fall off for lack of talking, Christmas lists grow long with bullshit we need/
patience wanes, we're just some babies making babies making shady calls where we fall asleep/

Track Name: R U Ready Now?
Are you ready now? (again and again)
Track Name: The Traveler
I am a traveler through space and time/I looked around for years to see what I could find/I am a traveler through space and time I looked around for years you know it blew my mind!!!! (2x)